Tandy TRS-80 – Xenos


Put rod in hole.


Do you like big ass mazes in text adventures?
Do you like typing the same command over and over?
Do you like dying randomly?Boy, it’s your lucky day, cause the Robert Arnstein Corporation has the perfect game for you.

It all starts out your normal sci-fi mystery.
Aliens landed in the desert near a town called Purgatory.
Now, if I hear a name like that, I stay far away. But not our fearless investigator.
This badass grabs a crowbar and a shotgun, shoots a huge snake and then thinks to himself:
Hey, how about I save mankind by going to the alienbase and destroy the mothership?”
Great idea.
That also means you have to wander aimlessly through the desert and die after a short time since you get thirsty. If I remember biology class correctly, your body needs water every five minutes or else you collapse.
Should you reach the base by pure luck (or using a guide like I did), you are presented with three colored buttons.
Pressing a button opens an oval and going through that oval sends you into another room with the same buttons.
By now you probably quit the game.
Not me! I have nothing better to do.
So I keep pressing the same button and after twenty minutes and with swollen fingers I finally reach a room that lets me shoot the mothership.
Hell yeah!
Now what?
I guess I’ll go back to my car and enjoy the ending. This time I keep pushing the red button and…I’m dead.
Load game, press yellow button.
After another ten minutes I’m in the desert again. I’ll make my way back to town, through the maze, die fifty times, but then…..nothing.
Oh god, please don’t tell my it’s one of these games.
I type score.
“You have completed 100% of Xenos.”





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