Tandy TRS-80 -Feasibility Experiment


Even the main character looks like he lost his mind.


I was actually trying to play Zork III.
It started out well, but after a short time I had to dive down a lake to get an amulet. It slipped through my hands every single time. After trying  to catch it again I froze to death or I got eaten by a large fish. I tried for thirty minutes and then had to give up. Other versions seem to tell you when an enemy approaches, but not the TRS-80.
Guess I have to play it on another system.

Which also means we are now in 1983 and the first game, oh boy, is based on Scott Adams text adventures and stinks big time.
Feasibility Experiment was developed by Digital Fantasia and puts you in the shoes of an astronaut who has to collect treasures (every.damn.time) to save an alien race.
A shallow story that fits the game perfectly.

You walk around the alien planet that consists mostly of mine shafts and deserts.
You find a shovel, dig randomly, find a treasure by pure luck and bring it back to a certain spot. When you think you found everything, you can type score and the game is over. Yeah, no ending.

I have to be honest: I don’t care about these type of text adventures.
It’s always the same. Very short, one sentence descriptions, boring and simple puzzles, a parser that only allows two words and my favorite: very limited inventory space.
It’s just so tiresome.
By the time this came out, there were already lots of better options on the market, so no more excuses guys.
Avoid at all costs!




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