Tandy TRS-80 – 13 Ghosts


Then who was phone?


This is one of the more impressive games (graphics wise) for the TRS-80.
Developed by Software Affair (which is a great name btw) and released 1984, 13 Ghosts is a simple shooting gallery.
You are a ghost hunter and you have to use ‘Ghost Blaster’ to deghost an old town.
Did I mention that this game is about ghosts?

Anyway, you move a crosshair across the screen and try to shoot small, big, fast and slow ghosts, but also spiders and skeletons while the screen slowly moves to the right. It looks really great with all the different sceneries like an empty saloon, a graveyard or a big mansion. Hell, there is even some nice intro music and a spooky skull that charges at you when you die.

The gameplay is nothing special tho.
Movement is really slow and if you miss more than 13 ghosts, it’s game over. There are 32 levels in total, but I doubt anyone ever beat the it.
Why would you? Apart from some slight changes in the background, it’s just more of the same.

This is still good if you’re in the mood for a quick highscore hunt and I imagine it would be quite a romp when playing with friends. Give it a go!





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