Tandy TRS-80 – Volcano Hunter


It’s like Super Mario, but everything kills you.


Volcano Hunter by David Smith is one of the few action platformers for the TRS-80.
You play as Hunting Harry and your mission is to collect fuel canisters that were stolen by Druts, some ghostly figures, and bring them back to your city’s basement (because reasons).

You can drop unlimited bombs to kill your enemies, but keep in mind that they take a few seconds to explode and can kill your character if your are too close
Btw, anything kills you.
Dropping from a platform that is two inches high, touching a Drut, spending a few seconds underwater or too close to a volcano. Thank god you start out with ten lives and even if you die, you respawn at the exact same spot. Well done.
That doesn’t make Volcano Hunter much easier tho. Why?
Because the game is massive. Just look at the map:


Full of traps, treasures and enemies that spawn at a very fast pace.

I really enjoyed VH. It takes some time to get used to the controls and jumping is clunky (to put it nicely), but I like the length, the overall “me against the world” atmosphere and the main character just looks so loveable.





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