Tandy TRS-80 – Cutthroats


I  was hoping for a western theme…


…and got a pirate theme instead, so imagine my disappointment.
Not because I dislike it in general (I do), but pirates mostly involve treasures and this gameplay element often bring out the worst in text adventures.
I was surprised to find out that Cutthroats by Infocom is actually very good.

You play as a professional scuba diver and meet with two guys nicknamed Rat and Weasel (one of them isn’t trustworthy…guess who?) who plan to find an shipwreck filled with treasures. You walk around (a big) town, buy equipment, have various meetings to talk about plans and even uncover an intrigue before you go on your adventure in a submarine.

Time is a very important factor.
The game is over if you arrive too late at a specific location. You also have to keep an eye out on a guy called McGinty who watches your every move.
Puzzles are smart and logical, the game is fairly long and most importantly the descriptions are rich which really draws you into the suspenseful story.

It’s easy to get lost, so I would recommend using a map, and there are some minor annoyances like having to visit a bank to withdraw some money from a bank. Why not let me start right away with some cash? And why does it take three moves to lock a door?

Overall a good game with replayability. There are two shipwrecks and you get assigned one randomly.
Give it a try!




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