Tandy TRS-80 – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Keep laying in the mud.


From Infocom and with the help of the one and only Douglas Adams comes one of the bestselling games of the 80’s.
A grand (text)adventure through space and time.

You are Arthur Dent and after failing to save your house from being destroyed by a construction crew you meet up with your good fellow Ford Prefect who tells you he is an alien and that earth will cease to exist in about 12 minutes.
The Vogon race needs to build a hyperspace bypass and earth is in the way, so you and Ford hitch a ride and start their mission to restore Arthur’s home planet.
You probably know the story already. Everyone and their mother read the book, heard the radio show or watched the (alright) movie.

If you have never heard of this classic before, than this game isn’t for you.
Without knowledge of the source material there is absolutely no way to solve even the earlier puzzles. And even then it’s hard as d*cks as the solution to most puzzles are very, very obscure.
For instance: You need to put a Babel-Fish in your ear to understand the alien language. To do so you have to put a towel on the floor, a satchel in front of a relay,  some old newspapers on top of the satchel and the press a button.
I don’t know why but it somehow worked. Trial and error.
And if you forgot to take the newspaper with you, the game is unwinnable. There are lots of situations like that and it can be very frustrating.

Usually a no-go for me, but I’ll let it slide.
Because the game is absolutely hilarious.
There where times when I would laugh out loud. How often does that happen when you are all by yourself? Every sentence has some kind of joke in it, the dialogue is witty and smart and the many characters are unique and lovable.
This feels like a proper, fleshed out universe. Even dying felt like another opportunity to try out a different approach to a situation. How about giving your sandwich to that stray dog? The result will crack you up. Promised.

There are many secrets to uncover and they make the game lengthier than it already is. Give it a go IF you are a fan of the book!




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