Tandy TRS-80 – Donut Dilemma


Please stop squirting that white stuff in my face.


““Angry Angelo has raided Antonio’s Donut Factory sending the entire complex amuck!”
That is the thrilling story to Nikolas Marentes platformer Donut Dilemma.
I assume you play the role of Angry Angelo.
You have to get on top of highest platform while dodging giant donuts or cream that  gets shot at you from moving bottles. You can also find dough on every stage that you can use to throw at donuts. Because everyone knows that dough is the natural enemy of a donut.

And that’s pretty much it. Once you reached the top you get transferred to the next, harder stage.
The game looks fine and controls are exact (which is important in these types of games), but sadly your character moves way too slow. It works for the slow-moving donuts, but the bottles shoot their cream at a high speed and oftentimes from multiple locations. The music is also horrible. It sounds more like constant high-pitched noise that penetrates your eardrums. Ouch!

So, there you have it. Another little oddity for the TRS-80. Too frustrating to fully recommend, but not horrible either. More like…meh.



P.S.: This is the last game I played for the TRS-80. Now I gotta think about a Top 10. Or more like Top 20.



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