Atari 2600 – Indy 500

*wrumm, wrumm…kaboom*


Another launch title for the Atari 2600 and this is probably the first racing game that actually feels like controlling a car. I mean, it’s not good, we’re just on the right track (get it?).

This top-down racer consists of three game modes:

Standard race
: drive around a small tiny track and see how often you can cross the finish in one minute.
Crash & Score: collect the most dots in one minute.
Tag: just like the children’s game. Touch your opponents car and don’t get touched.

You can play all of these modes solo, but don’t expect any fun that way. The controls are way too sensitive, meaning you will crash about every second. Very frustrating, but fun in multiplayer when you have someone to laugh about it with.

Graphics are basic, but colorful and you get some charming lo-fi engine sounds.
It’s alright.




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