Atari 2600 – Street Racer


*wroom, wroom…kaboom* – ‘One Track Lover’ Edition

Another launch title for the Atari 2600 and as the title suggests, this is racing game. Panned by critics and even its creator, Larry (((Kaplan))),  I was thrilled to play this.
Jokes aside, it’s a piece of crap.

The cover says there are 27 different games, but they’re essentially the same.
The modes are:
Street Racer: Get points by avoiding other cars. It doesn’t feel like you are actually driving and more like the background moves towards you. “Moving playfield” as (((Kaplan))) calls it.
Slalom: You control a skier (looks more like a spaceship) and avoid obstacles.
Dodgem: The same as Slalom, but this time you are a car agin.
Jet Shooter: You’re a plane and you have to shoot oncoming jets. They are lightning fast and you can only shoot every other second or so.Doesn’t work at all.
Number Cruncher: Collect numbers to get points.
Scoop Ball: Collect balls while avoiding other cars.

Controls are way too sensitive (like in Indy 500) and make maneuvering your car a real ‘challenge’. In a game that’s all about avoiding stuff, prepare to crash into obstacles constantly.
The only way to get any enjoyment out of this is when playing with up to four buddies and only if Schadenfreude is your thing.

The game gets a lot of sh*t for being unappealing, but if you look at the blocky graphics and listen to the low-quality sounds without getting a warm, fuzzy feeling,something is definitely wrong with you.




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