Atari 2600 – Star Ship

It really annoys me when aliens hit my windshield!


The next launch title in line is a first-person shooter and easily my favorite so far.
There are, again, several modes and again, they all pretty much play the same.

Star Ship: Fly across the universe and shoot as many enemy ships and aliens as possible while dodging asteroids. The time limit is two minutes and sixteen seconds. No idea what they are trying to imply here.
Warp Drive: Go as far as possible without crashing into oncoming ‘space traffic’. You can really feel the speed here.
Lunar Lander: Played from third person, you have to land your ship on a moving moon. Beware of asteroids.

Controls are smooth and while the presentation can be considered minimal, it works well in context. I really don’t need huge pixel explosions to distract me from my main objective.
The only real downside may be the low difficulty. Enemies are pretty slow and easy to shoot.
Apart from that, it’s a nice time waster and the first game to deliver a satisfying single-player experience.




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