Atari 2600 – Surround


My snake is growing stronger!


This launch title is the home version of the arcade title Blockade, but its better known as Snake today. You know, this little game for your phone that everyone played like crazy fifteen years ago. In my opinion the perfect game (no kidding).

This is an early version and obviously geared towards multiplayer matches.
The goal is to surround your enemy  so he crashes into your line. There is also a mode where movement gets faster over time and a mode where you move your snake manually. A single-player mode is also included, but the computer always acts the same, so you get bored pretty quickly.

Another annoyance are the godawful sound effects. Every move is accompanied with a way too loud *boom*. I highly advise to mute the game.

Aside from that, Surround is the kind of game that is as fun now as it was forty(!) years ago. Just make sure you have someone to play it with.




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