Atari 2600 – Video Olympics


What’s better than Pong? 50 versions of Pong!


After popping this bad boy in, you quickly realise that this not a  game about the Olympics, but just Pong.
Pong with two pedals (the classic) or even four pedals.
Pong against a wall (like squash), under something resembling a basket or even between two goalposts.
Let me cut it short:
If you love Pong, then this is your paradise.

And while I admit that this is another timeless classic, it can get monotonous over time. Yes, this is so far the best incarnation of Pong and pretty smooth at that (no more fun counting frames), but even the 4-player mode loses it thrill after a few rounds.
It definitely doesn’t help that out of the 50 games, only one is playable solo.

I still recommend it since you must have at least one Pong-like game at home.
Even my granny understands the mechanics and you never know when old relatives come around to challenge you in video games.




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