Atari 2600 – Basic Math



I get it.
Your kids wanted an Atari 2600 and you thought:
“Hey, I’m a good parent. My kids love video games, but I also want them to learn something.”
So you bought this chunk of plastic and “Basic Math” and now your kids haven’t spoken to you in forty years.
Let me tell you why.

This ‘game’ sucks a**.
Just pi** -easy equations over and over again. No score, no fun animations, only annoying sound effects when crunching in numbers.
Take a look at the cover art! Rainbows and frogs and sharks. Like why didn’t we get that as the background instead of those ugly colors? The numbers look like they’re covered in vomit.

The only good thing I can say about this waste of  data is that it works.
But to be honest, I would’ve been glad if it crashed at the beginning.




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