Atatri 2600 – Blackjack


So I told Atari to fu** up Blackjack…

…and they did it! The absolute madman.

I’m always amazed when developers succeed to fu** up a simple gaming concept.
And Atari managed to do so in a glorious way.
How hard is it to make a Blackjack game? Draw 52 cards, make a simple AI and…yeah, that’s pretty much it. The Channel F did it, the TRS-80 did, hell, even the RCA Studio 2 did it. And they only had two colors at their disposal.
So what went wrong here? Let’s take a look.

  • There are no suits. Only white squares with numbers. Experienced players need suits to count cards. If you’re a skilled player you are immediately turned off.
  • You can’t split. One of the most intense aspects of the game was cut out. Great idea!
  • Draws are won by the dealer. Did the developers even play Blackjack before? Every casino doing that would probably close in a matter of days since nobody wants to play in such a cheating sh*thole.
  • When you click left and right to decide if you want to hit or stay, you can accidentally choose your next bet. That’s supposedly a glitch, but seeing all the other decisions Atari made they probably thought it would be a nice twist.

This game is complete garbage with no redeeming qualities.
I’d still suggest you give it a try, just to see how a big company failed to realize a beloved and simple card game.




4 thoughts on “Atatri 2600 – Blackjack

  1. Wow, I thought it weren’t so easy to f**k up a blackjack game but apparently Atari did it! I think the very first games for 2600 were often worse than the games released for other consoles, like to ones you mentioned (but not RCA, RCA sucks so bad…)


      1. Only 553? As Duke said “piece of cake”. When I will be done with my posts regarding the old consoles I will surely link to your articles. They’re awesome!


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