Atari 2600 – Combat


Ending with a *bang*!

There are many Atari 2600 games ahead, but this is actually the last launch title and without a doubt the most exciting one of the bunch.

You may know this game from past consoles, but this incarnation has colors(!!!) and lots of (surprisingly) different game modes.

There’s the classic tank game, where you and another player are on opposite sites of the map and you try to shoot each other. Some maps have obstacles, some maps let your bullets bounce from the walls and there is even a map where your tank is invisible, except for the moment you decide to shoot. Fantastic idea!

Next up are the chopper modes, which are basically the same but the maps have no borders, so you can fly in and out of the screen anytime. Gets pretty chaotic.
Lastly come the jet modes and you guessed right, more of the same but slightly faster.

The only downsides to Combat are a missing single-player mode and the constant buzzing sound of the vehicles can be very annoying.
Nothing major tho, so if you have a buddy it’s almost a requirement to have this game in your library.
You get a lot of bang for your buck.
Play it!




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