Atari 2600 – Miniature Golf


Hole in (n)one!

You need a lot of imagination to see anything golf-related in this game.
This is essentially how it looks:

You are a big blue box and you try to hit a small yellow box into a small blue box.
Beware of the big red box!

Now, I’m all for simple graphics, it’s part of the charm, but this is just lazy.
To be fair tho, this game should play well, right? Wrong!

You hit the ball by moving away from it and then pressing the trigger.
The farther you’re away, the harder you hit.
Not really intuitive but manageable.
Two (huge a**) problems:
Ball movement is unpredictable. Sometimes the ball just flies across the fairway and other time he wont move at all.
Second, and that kills any enjoyment, if the ball is close to the wall you can’t hit hard enough as you cannot move outside the screen (duh). Hitting the ball slightly a million times sure is fun.
Now imagine playing this for 18 holes. What a mess!

The only upside is the two player mode, so you can suffer together with a good buddy.
Or do the wise thing and just skip this piece of crap!


This is only the third hole and I already needed 27 shots.

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