Atari 2600 -Basketball


Pink vs Green. The endless battle continues!

We’re kicking 1978 off with this sports game and you should know that I suck at this genre. Mostly because the controls are too complicated and I get confused easily, but I’m in luck here. Only one button is all you need and maybe the joystick to move around.

You control a pink stick figure with a blue a square ball and try to score the most points in (way too long) four minutes.
You can move in every direction on this small court but you don’t really have to worry where you stand when you shoot. Just press the trigger and you will most definitely score. And if your opponent has the ball you can simply run into him and steal it.
I dont know much about this sport but I’m fairly certain that’s how it works.

This is definitely more fun with a friend but Basketball has an actual challenging single player mode. The AI tries its best to score (and often succeeds) and even steals your ball if you’re not fast enough. Nice!

Not amazing by any means or fun for more than a round but for an early sports game it is pretty decent. Give it a try!





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