Atari 2600 -Bowling

The moustache gives him special powers…

Another sports game simple enough for me to ‘enjoy’.
There are three modes in Bowling:
One where you can move the ball in one direction after a throw, one where you can move the ball up and down and one where you can only shoot straight.
Forget about the third one as this gets boring very quick and focus one the first two modes.

There is actually a strategy to get a strike almost every turn.
The ball in motion sounds like a tank driving over gravel. Really annoying.
Throw the ball from the bottom, listen closely and on the fourth rolling sound press up. There you go. You just broke the game. Happy?

It still takes some time to get a perfect game and the journey is quite thrilling.
This damn one pin!
Of course the multiplayer provides a lot more fun. At least until your friend also finds out the perfect tactic (which will take about thirty seconds).

Kudos to the player model that actually looks like a human. I mean, the head has a different color than the body. It’s a start.




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