Atari 2600 – Breakout


I want to break free out…

This is pretty much the same game we know from the Channel F or the RCA or the TRS, but this time in color.
Still a, well, boring game.

Hold the fork!
This isn’t the beloved Atari Breakout you’re thinking of. That’s Super Breakout and I will cover it later on.
This is just one level over and over again with no power-ups and no discernible, single blocks, just plain lines, which makes it really hard to tell how far you are from beating the stage.
It doesnt matter tho since you wont be able to finish a single stage as the ball moves really, really fast.
It also changes speed randomly so be prepared to be stuck in unsolvable situations. You can call it challenging, but I’ll stick with unfair.
Even the multiplayer (for up to 4 players) can’t breathe life into the repetitive gameplay.

It’s not a bad game per se, heck, it could even be called relaxing by just looking at the soothing color scheme. It’s just that the sequel improves the game on every aspect, so why bother?
Skip it!




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