Atari 2600 -Canyon Bomber

You have to get this one…

…for the box art.
You know what?
Throw away the game and just put the box on your shelf. Looks really rad.
The game inside is sadly a big waste of time.

It only uses one button.
A plane, jet or helicopter flies from left to right and you have to drop bombs over a canyon to destroy different colored bricks. Whoever has the most points wins and if you manage to miss three times in a row its an instant game over. Its even more boring than it sounds. The other game mode has a bit more variety.
This time you drop bombs on moving submarines and you can control the height of your aircraft. You wont use it very often tho as flying very low works best.

Canyon Bomber is alright for a quick round against a friend but don’t even bother with the singleplayer mode.
The computer opponent drops bombs constantly and has godlike aim.
I got beaten so badly it’s not even funny.
Skip it!




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