Atari 2600 – Superman

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! NO, IT’S…a mediocre game.

Some people hold this game in high regards and I can absolutely understand why.
Because you play as Superman for the first time and that’s it.
Nothing else stand out positively or, more importantly, negatively.

The game starts with you as Clarke Kent who is about to walk to his job when suddenly Lex Luthor decides to blow up a bridge.
What an a**!
Naturally, you walk into the nearest phone booth, change into your Superman outfit and collect pieces of the bridge, put some bad guys and that bald freak in jail and finally return to your phone booth and go to work.
Beware of a helicopter that steals stuff (just ignore him), lasers and kryptonite.
If you get hit you loser your ability of flight and have to find Jane who will cure you, simply by touch (she’s always nearby, don’t worry).
This whole ordeal should take about ten minutes on your first try, which brings me to my first complain.

The game is too easy. You can’t die. The only way to end this game is by beating it.
My biggest gripe tho is the map.
Every screen looks very identical and if you reach the end, you teleport back to the beginning. It’s an endless loop.
Better take a look at this to make things easier.
Lastly, the sound effects. Superman flying sounds like a very loud and constantly running waterfall. It’s a real pain and I advise you to mute the game for the short time you’re playing it.

All in all, if you’re a fan of the comics you might want to give this a chance.
The controls are smooth and having different objectives and even a story is a breath of fresh air in my so far stinky experience with the Atari 2600.
Just don’t expect a game you will pick up more than once.




3 thoughts on “Atari 2600 – Superman

  1. Hey man, a question about your quest. So I take it that you’re planning to complete every game ever starting from the beginning right? Do you just go ahead and buy every game for a console (Atari 2600 for example) and then work your way through them or did you already have all of these games and are just getting around to it now for fun? It’s definitely a really ambitious project for sure and it’s cool to see you making such progress through it.

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    1. Well, I pick the console by release date, the pick every game for that console by release date and then I move on. Some games and consoles are already in my possession, some I will buy and rarer ones will be emulated. Should take me about thirty years.

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