Atari 2600 – Slot Machine

I was wishing for Shot Machine after this…

This is just the laziest game idea you could think of.
Push a button and random symbols appear.
No skill, no thrill.
I was literally programming games like this in 7th grade and I’m dumb as bread.

The machine itself looks like a simple box. Even the Channel F version was able to produce a nice looking slot machine that looks like the real deal.
Now, there are eight modes, but how much variety can you fit in such a concept?
Exactly, none.
The first four modes don’t even have pictures, but simple lines, so you can skip them altogether.
The other modes at least have some simple graphics like a tree or a car or a house.
Spoiler: it’s still the same boring sh*t.
You can play against the computer or a friend and games are generally short as you only have 25 bucks at your disposal (which is another silly decision).

I have no idea why anyone would play this.
Spending all your money in a casino, going broke and living the rest of your life in the gutter would be a better idea.
Avoid at all costs!



P.S.: At least the sounds arent annoying, which is kinda a big deal for the Atari 2600.

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