Atatri 2600 – Video Chess

You can literally start a family while playing this game.

I’m not even kidding.
Video Chess has several difficulty modes and if you choose the hardest one the cpu takes up to ten hours per move.
Yes, you heard that right.
A single game can probably last a year and that’s not even the worst part. There is a glitch that lets the cpu take two turns at once.
Just imagine playing this and after the eighth month or so the whole game gets fu**ed because of a silly glitch. Real nightmare fuel.

So, to be safe, you should stick with the easiest difficulty. It’s still an alright challenge for beginners.
Weirdly enough, there is no multiplayer which especially infuriating as you had to pay 40 bucks for the game (double the price of other games at the time).
Also keep in kind that the screen flashes in different colors after every turn. If you’re an epileptic you should position yourself on the floor beforehand.

To sum it up:
If you absolutely have to play chess on the Atari 2600 you might want to give this a try.
Everybody else should switch to another system (Sargon for the TRS-80 is great) or break out the real game.


I also wonder why the chess board only covers a small portion of the screen.

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