Atari 2600 – Checkers

You should really ‘check’ this out.

I know that’s a bad pun, but this game is actually quite enjoyable.
One of the first four games released in 1980 by newly founded company Activision, Checkers is a visually pleasing representation of the classic board game.
The blue and black board is easy on the eyes and the pieces have a three-dimensional look.
Well done.

The controls are also smooth and responsive and the sound is limited to simple *beeps* after every move.
So, a good game? Well, almost.
There are three difficulty setting and on the higher levels (just like in Video Chess) the cpu takes a really long time.
Not ten hours, but still annoyingly long.
Stick with the easiest setting. Response is almost instant and the game remains challenging. I lost nearly every round.
There is also a multiplayer mode but…
I mean… if you have a friend over you can just play the real game and not be a turbonerd for once.

In short:
Recommended for fans of checkers who have no friends, which makes it pretty much the perfect game for me.


I would actually print this out and put it on my wall. Aesthetic as f*ck!

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