Atari 2600 – Dragster


You will read that word a lot when you first try your hands on this game.
Dragster is a racing game and another early output from Activision.

You don’t actually drive the car.
Instead you can only control how much it accelerates and when it shifts gears. You have to be careful tho, cause when you rev up the engine too much, it will blow. This happens quite often as the controls are very sensitive.
My tip: Shift into fourth gear as soon as possible and hit the gas.
Rounds last about 6 to 8 seconds.

This game reminded of Drag Race for the Channel F and while it looks way prettier (cars actually look like cars and there is a nice cityscape background), it misses many of its features like a training mode and difficulty settings.
At least the two-player-modeĀ  adds a bit more longevity.

I still enjoyed for some time and trying to beat your best time can be really addictive.
The world record of 5,51 seconds is just nuts. My best was 6,4 and that took me a while.





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