Atari 2600 -Fishing Derby

My rod is longer than yours…

Another early output from Activision, Fishing Derby puts you in the shoes of a fisherman who tries to catch as many fish as possible.
There is no time limit, so whoever scores 99 points first, wins.
Now, the fish near the surface are easier to catch but the ones deep down score you more points.
Don’t get too cocky tho. A big shark is constantly swimming around the pond and will snatch your fish if you’re not careful enough.

The single player mode is beyond challenging.
The cpu is catching fish at lightning speed and will win the game faster than you can count all the times I’ve wrote fish so far.
Trust me: you will try over and over to beat this pos. But you wont!
Seriously…f*ck this guy!
The multiplayer is on a whole other level. Having, at least in my case, two equally shitty players makes this game way more enjoyable and very, very intense.
You will always either win or lose by a hairsbreadth. Another fun game to ruin a friendship.

Special kudos for the great graphics.
The fisherman look like actual humans and fish like, well…fish. This may not sound like a big deal, but it’s really a rare treat.




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