Atari 2600 – Golf

22946-golf-atari-2600-front-coverSwing your thing!

Still not a great representation of the sport, but way better than the horrendous Miniature Golf.
Golf features a nine-hole golf course with par 36.
It’s beyond my imagination how anyone will ever achieve this. I tried my best and still needed 196 shots to finish.
Because the controls are confusing as hell.
The longer you press fire, the harder will you hit the ball. Makes sense so far.
But your character moves his club in a circular motion, so you can never be sure where you’re gonna hit the ball.
Also, if you stand right from the ball you will hit upwards and if you’re on the left you will hit downwards.
Now isn’t that intuitive?
To be fair, you get used to it after a while, but it still feels weird.
You also have to keep an eye on trees that will knock the ball back or water and bunkers that will slow down movement.

Once you’ve finished the last hole you probably wont return except you really think you can beat it on par (highly unlikely).
If you happen to have a friend who equally sucks at this game (highly likely) you can have some extra fun in the two-player mode.

Golf, while still lacking solid game mechanics, is at least a move in the right direction.


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