Atari 2600 – Skiing

Oh (s)no(w) you didn’t!

Activision is killing it with their early games.
Skiing is probably my favorite Atari 2600 game so far.

There are two modes: slalom and downhill.
In slalom you have to rush down the mountain and navigate through different gates as fast as possible. If you crash into a pole you lose some time.
In downhill you just have to get to the bottom, but there are lots of trees in your way.
Either mode has various difficulty settings. The harder tracks have more obstacles and are longer.

What makes this game so great are the controls.
They are smooth and intuitive. You can choose to ski in a narrow path (which increases your speed) or glide from side to side to slow down.
It took me only a single attempt to get the hang of it and that’s saying a lot.

The graphics are simple but I’m not expecting a colorful game when thinking of winter sports.
I’m more pleased by the sound effects or the one sound effect that the character makes when you change directions. The buzzing sound is usually annoying, but fits perfectly in this case. It’s almost true-to-life and very likely just a lucky coincidence.
Still a pleasant surprise.

There is no two-player mode, but that shouldnt keep from switching pads every round and writing down your times. If you’re a fan of Schadenfreude like me, you’ll have a blast.


Untitled 1.jpg
P.S.: Check out this amazing commercial for the game:


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