Atari 2600 – Video Pinball

That looks pretty much like a Pink Floyd album cover.

I’m not the biggest fan of pinball games.
Not because I suck (I do), but I get way too addicted and spent literally hours glued to the screen.
I’m well aware that it all comes down to pressing two different buttons at the correct time but soon enough I’m trying to hit that one spot three times or guessing what will happen if I collect all those coins in order.
Maybe I’m too curious for these types of games.

Video Pinball is exactly like that.
Well, almost.
It doesnt look like a regular pinball table but more like a pinball table stretched to fit in a full-size tv-screen. That’s fine by me since having huge black borders would look ugly as hell.
They also managed to add little challenges like collecting Atari-signs or passing tunnels (or whatever the term is) in a specific order. You can also nudge the table by holding down fire and moving the stick which, according to professionals, adds more depth to the game and, according to amateurs, just makes it easier.

If you’re a fan of pinball you’ll most definitely love it (if only for historic reasons) and if you’re a curios george you’ll hate it but play for hours to no end anyway.


Black, purple and gold. Now isnt that pretty?
Yes…yes it is!

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