Atari 2600 -Adventure

Digging up some really obscure gems here…

Well, not really.
If you ask ten game critics or gaming historians (because that’s a thing I guess) what the most important video games of all time are, I guarantee you all of them will say Adventure.
Being the first action-adventure and console fantasy-game it inspired everybodys darling Zelda which in return inspired countless others game.
It featured an open world, different items and enemies and even an easter egg.
No wonder it took developer Warren Robinett over a year to finish this monster.

You take control of a knight who has to find a magical chalice and return it to his golden castle.
Make your way through various mazes and kick some serious dragon ass.
The game has colorful graphics but you still need some imagination.
Your character is a simple block, your sword just an arrow and the dragons look like retarded ducks (kinda cute tbh).

There are three gameplay variations.
Mode one is too easy and short and gets mostly ignored. You only get one maze and find the chalice right away. Shouldnt take you more than three minutes to finish.
Mode two is where the fun begins. You get three different mazes and castles and an annoying bat that steals items. It’s a good challenge.
Mode three is the same as two, but every item is randomly placed.

The big question: Is Adventure fun today?
If you played it when you were a kid and still got your nostalgia glasses the answer is obviously ‘yes’.
If you pick it up today and play it for the first time ,the answer is….‘maybe’.
It’s a necessity if your serious about this hobby and I had a good time, but there are a few things that piss me of.

Some of you might know that I’m not a fan of mazes.
Even typing it for the fiftieth time now makes me itch.
They’re not big or complicated but it’s still a chore and the fact that dragons can move through walls is not helping either. Hell, the first maze you encounter is only partly visible. Great idea, guys!
You might think it can’t get worse but just wait until you meet the bat.
This motherf*cker takes every item (yes, even the huge bridge) and places it somewhere on the map. You cant kill him, you can only grab him. You will literally wave a sword that is attached to a bat.
See this picture I drew to get the idea:


Some people love him as he adds some kind of randomness and keeps the game fresh but I would have liked the option to get rid of him.

So yeah…play it by all means, admire it, just don’t expect to blown away like its 1980.




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