Atari 2600 – Laser Blast

Not a blast to play.

This is the first Activision outing I am not fond of.
Laser Blast is a simple arcade shooter and by simple I mean barebones.

You control a spaceship with the mission to destroy as many ground forces as possible.
You automatically move from screen to screen and need to blast three tanks in order to progress.
That’s it.
Sounds like a short but fun experience, right?
Well, there’s a problem.
Enemies shoot at you instantaneously.
If you see a light you are probably already dead.
Constantly moving around works but if you want to take a shot yourself, the spaceship stops because it needs to charge for a short time. What a stupid idea.
The only thing I really enjoyed was the possibility of crashing into an enemy ‘kamikaze-style’ when you get hit.

It looks boring, gameplay is monotonous and frustrating and the controls feel oddly stiff. You can shoot diagonally but it was mostly luck anytime it happened.
Skip it!




2 thoughts on “Atari 2600 – Laser Blast

  1. Even worse- there was a pattern to this game. My brother figured it out on the first day, of course. Just ZAP-ZAP-ZAP, three quick shots as soon as the new screen settles, the same every time. Over and over and over and…

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