Atari 2600 Spacechase

Take a look at my SpaceFace as I SpaceChase like a SpaceAce!

Another game by Apollo and this time it’s their bestselling title Spacechase.
What an amazing name.
And the game itself is pretty impressive in one part also…

Or to be more precise, the background.
Instead of a simple black universe (the lazy developers choice) you get a moving planet in different colors. Like one pattern is in purple and blue, so it got a cool 80’s-aesthetic going on.
Love it!
The gameplay on the other hand is, to put it bluntly, boring.
You have to shoot waves of alien ships, while dodging their projectiles.
There are different types of enemies, but they all behave the same way:
flying left while firing constantly.

Being able to destroy enemy bullets with your own shots is an interesting feature, but it makes the game a tad too easy.
The two-player modes are also lacking.
Having to take turns in playing the game instead of letting you fight those evil invaders simultaneously is a wasted opportunity.

Spacechase is alright in short bursts, just don’t expect to be entertained for longer than five minutes.




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