Atari 2600 – ス卜ラテジーX / Strategy-X

War…war never always changes!

A little, obscure gem we got here, which is kinda surprising as the action-filled arcade port Strategy X was developed by Japanese big shot Konami.

You maneuver an ever-moving tank through an obstacle and enemy filled course and try to reach your base at the very end.
On your way, you can often fire through walls to shorten your path.
A necessity as you run out of gas rather quick and fuel depots are sparse and can be destroyed by enemies.
Should you manage to beat the first level, you’ll be transported to another course with tougher foes like bomb-dropping airplanes.
Three deaths and the game is over.
This game will kick your a*ss and for once I am thankful for emulators and quicksaves.

The graphics can be called ugly with their primitive objects and while I partly agree I also welcome the change in tone with the bright and warm color palette instead of the usual dark green, dark blue or black.
The sound is another point that deserves some credit.
Sure, the constant tank noises might be irritating at first, but I always enjoy a nice, little jingle. And Strategy X delivers at the start and end of every stage with a cheerful melody.

Overall it’s a surprisingly addictive action game with variety and depth (for an Atari 2600 title) that gets a bit too difficult too soon.
Didn’t stop me from continuing tho as I always wanted to know what’s going to happen next.
That’s quite a feat.
Play it!





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