Atari 2600 – Super Breakout

Remembering that mental astronaut who went to space to smash colored blocks.

The second incarnation of the arcade classic and beloved title that stood the test of time.
Is it Breakout?
NO! It’s Super Breakout!
But…does it deserve the title?

Gameplay is pretty much the same.
Hit a ball with your paddle against a wall of bricks, destroying it one piece at a time or, if you’re especially skilled lucky, multiple pieces at once.
Controls are responsive (step up from the precursor) and hitting the ball even at high speed is absolutely doable. Weirdly, there is still the bug(?) that the ball becomes lightning fast all of a sudden, making it impossible to reach the right spot in time.

Super Breakout features a nice range of gameplay variations like a wall that moves towards you, two paddles on top of each other, multiple balls and large spaces inside the wall which provides the opportunity of sweet, sweet bonus points.
But, of course, they again missed the immense potential of adding a cooperative multiplayer mode.
I can’t wrap my head around why they would neglect such a fun opportunity.

The graphics are not noteworthy. It’s colorful, which is kinda nice but ultimately serves the purpose of differentiating each line of the wall.
Bears the question: how can you make this interesting for the senses?
Right! Sound!
Arguably the biggest draw of the game (for me a.l.).
Every time you hit a brick, it makes a different sound. Cool idea, but it gets better.
Every mode has another set of sounds. One time it sounds like a piano, then like a synth and even like someone hitting a drum with a steel pipe.
It’s f*cking rad!

Super Breakout is not the best game it could have been, but still good enough for a round or two.




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