Atari 2600 – Tennis


I believe you Tennis.
You are not Pong because that game is fun.
That’s quite a burn I laid upon Activision’s sports game and I have to admit it’s a bit harsh.

First of all: it looks really good.
Sure, some more details would’ve been great (is adding a middle line too much to ask?), but I always enjoy those tiny achievements when it comes to 3D.
The isometric view adds some depth which in return adds a certain freshness to Tennis, even today.
And hey, characters actually look like humans and move in a fluid fashion that doesn’t give you the creeps. Big deal.

The problem with this game is the single player mode.
Just don’t buy this game if you plan on playing solo.
The CPU catches every ball. You can easily catch every ball too as you just need to be in reach with your racket ’cause the game swings it for you.
You can try to hit the ball with the edge of your racket in an attempt to give it a spin, but this will fail 99% of the time.
The result?
A never-ending game unless you decide to make some errors.
I have no idea why they would create an almost perfect opponent. At least give me some difficulty settings instead of the same game but slower (not even kidding).

If you’re able to find a buddy you can have some fun, provided that you’re both willing to take some risks.
And even then it won’t last long as you won’t be able to invent a real strategy because, well, the game plays itself for the most part.

Tennis is a move in the right direction, but still far from the finishing line.
Skip it!


A typical view after fifteen minutes of solo play.

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