Atari 2600 – Yar’s Revenge

How did this happen?

No, seriously! HOW?!
Yar’s Revenge is the type of game you hear about on some underground internet forum.
Like one user is saying:
“Have you heard of this forgotten, obscure gem for the Atari 2600?”
And the other one is saying:
Oh, no dude. What is it called?”
“Yar’s Revenge, but don’t play it. I hear it eats your soul.”
“…brb, downloading now.”
At least that’s how I imagine it would go.

But to my biggest surprise, this game isn’t obscure at all.
It is actually the best selling game for the system that was developed by Atari.
Really, really boggles my mind.
People in the early 80’s were hardcore.

So what is it all about?
Well, the game came with a comic that explains the back story. It’s about aliens and stuff, but I’m not getting into this. Read it here!
Basically, you are a fly that shoots laser beams.
The goal is to destroy a fort that surrounds a big queen bee(?). Once you are able to get a clear shot you have to touch the queen(?) in order to enable your special rocket(?) and kill her with a well-aimed shot.
Of course it’s not gonna be that easy.
There is a slow missile on-screen that follows you all the time. Easy to avoid, but can be a b*tch.
Every once in a while the queen gets pissed and will transform into a swirl (because reasons) and launch herself at you at a very high-speed.
If things become too hectic you can always find safety in the ‘shield zone’.
A large patch in the middle of the screen that flickers in every color the Atari is able to produce. It literally looks like an LSD-addict threw up rainbows on a black canvas.
If you finish a stage the zone eats up the whole screen, making to sure to give every player a mild panic attack.

Oh wait, you’ll probably get one anyway thanks to the constant buzzing sound that reminds me of an armada of angry flies.

Yar’s Revenge is like a fever dream.
A fun, addicting and highly unique fever dream I can’t stop dreaming playing.
Experience it!




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