Atari 2600 – Adventure Of Tron

Also known as “M Network”.

If you think about Tron, you probably have those cool races in mind.
You know, the part where they ride on bikes that leave colored walls, trying to make others crash into them?
Sound like a great idea for a video game.
Well, Mattel thought different and released a generic platformer.

You control Tron who has to collect seven bits (sparkles) that fly all over the place.
To reach a higher platform you have to touch a beam in the middle of the screen in order to get the elevators moving.
Once you’ve catched all bits the beam will become broader and send you to the next stage.
Beware of robots who are faster than you and can can roam around the screen freely.
This cycle repeats over and over until you either loose all four lives or get bored.
Spoiler alert: it’s gonna be the second option.

The game looks and sounds alright, but you’ve probably played this type of platformer before and if it involved an italian plumber I can guarantee you it was way better.
The only noteworthy thing about Adventures Of Tron is the rad title screen.
Look at that bad boy:


Now if that isn’t Vaporwave, I don’t know what is.
Skip it!




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