Atari 2600 – Atlantis

Why not build the city way more deep underwater?

That would solve many problems.

Imagic’s shooter hires you as the sole defender of Atlantis.
This magical place, slightly under sea-level is under attack by the Gorgons.
Those pesky aliens come in their high-speed spaceships and try to destroy your main base and ultimately the whole city.

Thank Zeus (or whatever deity the believed in) you have three cannons at your disposal.
Two at either side of the screen which can shoot diagonally and a powerful one in the middle that can shoot straight up.
Once the main cannon gets destroyed you have to be careful as the next shot could possibly end the game.
Should you be able to defend against the next waves the cannon gets rebuild. Neat!
That’s all there is to it.
Get the high score or get out!

Atlantis is a pretty game.
The scenery and ships are very colorful and even simple things like explosions are reminiscent of someone punching a rainbow.
Easily the best eye candy so far.
Sucks even more that the gameplay is rather boring.
As every wave is faster than the last one and you are unable to change the angle of your cannons it all comes down to how fast you can punch the fire button.
That’s fine for a few rounds but gets old pretty fast.

BUT there is a two-player-mode AND it’s a cooperative one.
See whose cannon can fire faster…
Yeah, it’s not adding a lot of playtime but at least you can show of some muscles of your Atari 2600.






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