Atari 2600 – Beanie Bopper

I don’t even know anymore…

I’m serious.
I have no idea what is happening and why…but I honestly don’t care as long as its fun.
And fun it is…for a bit.

This came on a Xante cartridge.
“A what?” you might scream out loud as you smash your bare fists on your desk.
Relax! It’s a cartridge that was created on the spot.
Like you went into a store, looked through a catalog, chose a game and the staff would write the code onto a blank cartridge.
It’s a great idea and you can expect to pay up to 180$ for the game in good condition.

This is what’s going on:
You control a big eye that can shoot in every direction.
Your enemies are flying beanies (?) who are stunned once you’ve hit them, giving you an opportunity to consume them (?).
There are also power-ups all over the place, but I have no idea what they actually do.
The playfield is constantly and slowly scrolling upwards with various blocks in your way.
The goal?
Reach 100k points for the infamous kill screen.

And it’s not that challenging.
The game was geared towards kids, so every time you kill four enemies in a row (which is easy enough), you get an extra life.
I haven’t made it to the end but I’ll definitely beat it in the next few days.

There is also another game mode but the only difference is that enemies can move through walls. Thrilling.
Which brings me to the same complaint I had for the last ten games or so.
Beanie Bopper will not be challenging enough for most players and there is not much skill involved besides the need for a quick trigger finger.
A shame as I really enjoy the fluid controls and the ability to shoot in every direction.
Feels a bit like Contra without the manliness and action (it’s actually nothing like Contra).
Maybe a coop-mode would’ve won me over but they forget to add one.
I’m feeling like a broken record already.
Try it!





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