Atari 2600 – Bermuda Triangle

Who dumped all that sh*t in the ocean?

Data Age’s side-scrolling shooter
is pretty bonkers.
You control a submarine that shoots laser beams and has the mission to grab some treasures that are scattered around the ocean floor.
Sounds like an easy task, but not only do you have to fight off common enemies like sharks and squids but also mines and ufos, the most dangerous predator in the deep blue sea.

Gameplay is very fast with foes appearing all around you.
Be prepared to dodge and fire constantly.
The real money (or points) lies in finding artifacts.
They are hidden at the bottom of the screen so you have to dive down as far as possible, activate the tractor beam and thendeliver the goods to your ship that is waiting on the surface.
It’s a real hassle.
Thankfully, you can get hit multiple times before exploding and you get a bonus live for every 10k points.

Which brings me to the most bullsh*t element in the game.
After you scored 10k points a new enemy type appears. A big ship on the surface that randomly fires a laser beam across the screen.
It’s near impossible to evade and kills you in one hit.
Like the developer is saying:
“Hoho, well done player…HOWEVER…this should be enough for you.”
Oh and don’t worry if you never reach that point. You can just choose game mode #3 and get rekt right from the start.

There is also a multiplayer mode but it’s just taking turns after every death. Meh.
Bermuda Triangle looks good tho.
Your submarine is very detailed and even multi-colored and your surroundings are also pleasant on the eyes.
Make sure to mute your TV as your vehicle sounds like…I don’t even know. Like something is broken inside your television. Made me really anxious.

It’s fine for a quick high score hunt once in a while but there are also hundreds of similar and more exciting games on the system.
Try it!




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