Atari 2600 – BurgerTime

Probably the worst chef in existence.
I mean, the dude is constantly stepping on the ingredients and the place definitely doesn’t look like an Italian village where they gather the women to stomp on grapes.
But let me start from the beginning.

BurgerTime was developed by Data East so don’t expect a high-quality product.
To be frank, this is probably the worst version of the game I’ve played so far.
Sounds worse than it actually is.
The core game mechanics are in place and that is the main reason to give it (maybe) a shot.

You control a chef who has to climb various platforms in order to collect ingredients for his delicious burgers.
It’s recommended to start at the very top since the ingredients only fall one floor at a time and you have to collect them over and over until they’re assembled at the bottom of the screen.
Keep an eye out for the various enemies like beef and potatoes who want to kill you.
They are probably pissed you won’t put them between the buns.
It’s a simple, yet challenging game idea.

Here are my main problems with it.
Your character moves like a snail.
Clearing a level can be a real drag for that reason.
The sensible controls are not helping either. You have to find the perfect spot on a ladder in order to move onto a platform. It’s really finicky.
That leads to many unnecessary deaths as enemies try to corner you all the time and speed is key.
And lastly, presentation.
Blocky graphics and the bland color palette are a real eyesore and the constantly looping melody is annoying as hell.

I was still able to squeeze an entertaining thirty minutes out of BurgerTime, but if you take into account that there are countless better versions of this game I’d advise you to:
Skip it!




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