Atari 2600 – Carnival


An arcade port by SEGA, so you know this will be good or at least not bad.

Carnival is a shooting gallery, reminiscent of Space Invaders.
You move a small gun from left to right and try to shoot as many animals as possible.
Owls, rabbits, ducks…everything cute has to bite the bullet.
There is no timer involved so the only way to lose is by running out of ammo.
Counter that by shooting little boxes that fly by and grant you some extra rounds.
Animals will move towards you if don’t kill them soon enough, which isn’t a big deal except for the ducks who will fly towards you and steal your precious ammunition.
No big deal tho.
The game is pretty chill and you can spend your whole time on the very first stage.
Should you decide to move on to the next stage you have to shoot the big, spinning wheel on top of the screen a few times.
Further stages feature more and faster animals.
And that’s it.
No multiplayer and no gameplay variations.
A bummer and wasted potential.

Carnival looks rather cheap with its small sprites and plain black background.
Controls are smooth tho and that’s the most important part in a game that asks for fast reflexes.
Some more variation would have been great and the way the game just freezes after a game over adds to the thought that this was probably developed in a hurry.

I still like it, mainly because the gameplay is oddly relaxing and addictive.
Or maybe I’m just getting older and enjoy slower games once in a while
Eiter way:
Try it!





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