Atari 2600 – Centipede

I also vividly remember that one time Bilbo Baggins fought with a giant centipede.

Another classic/evergreen/childhood favorite/*insert hyperbole here*.
Centipede was a massive hit for Atari when it hit the arcades in 1980 and became an even bigger deal when it was ported to the Atari 2600 in 1982.
Before I get into it I wanna draw your attention to the title screen:


Now that is f*cking beautiful.

Can’t say the same about the game itself tho.
Out with the cute, little mushrooms and the multi-colored centipede and in with the simple, blocky graphics.
I’m also disappointed about the missing multiplayer mode and the abundance of different gameplay variants (only normal and easy).
Add the fact that you somehow can move through objects and you get the impression that Atari (again) was aiming for the quick buck instead of careful development.
What does that leave you with?
Some rock-solid gameplay!

You move a block from what left to right (and slightly up and down if needed) and try to shoot a big centipede that is making its way down the screen.
The screen is filled with mushrooms and every time you shoot off a part of the centipede, this part also turns into a mushroom making the field messier as the game progresses.
Once you’ve killed it you move on to the next stage with a larger enemy.
There are also smaller foes like spiders and scorpions that jump around like some ADHD-ridden a**holes.  Make sure to kill them first.

Overall, it’s not the best version of the game but still very addictive and fast-paced.
Play it!




4 thoughts on “Atari 2600 – Centipede

  1. I agree with you that it is a bit over simplified in the presentation department but it is still strangely addictive. This is one I like to play with my Mega Drive arcade stick to get that old time arcade feel.

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      1. Another game like that on the Atari 2600 is Joust. I have the original arcade version for the Mega Drive and X Box but if I was honest I prefer the Atari version for the gameplay. Like I said I tend to use my Mega Drive arcade stick for that arcade-y feel with them

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