Atari 2600 – Chopper Command


Activision is back and this time they really deliver with this Defender-like action game.

Gameplay is simple.
You navigate a chopper through an ever-looping area and shoot down other helicopters and jets that try to destroy your fellow trucks on the ground.
You only have ten in total, so be careful quick!
If you manage to destroy all twelve enemies, you move on the next stage which features faster and more aggressive foes.

A little map at the bottom of the screen shows you the positions of enemies and trucks. Thanks to the different colors, this map is really helpful and big step-up from older games of this type.
There are two difficulty settings: cadet and commander.
I know commander sounds tempting but enemies are so frickin’ fast that it’s only enjoyable if you plan to brag about it in front of your friend.
They probably won’t care.
Another addition is the multiplayer mode.
Good job Activision for implementing it, but it’s sadly only a ‘taking turns after defeat’ type of deal.
Yes, co-op would’ve been confusing as hell but I’d at least would like the option.

My only real gripe with this game are the graphics.
Activision’s weakest effort so far.
You have a nice background with the sunset but most of the screen is tinted in different shades of brown and vehicles could’ve used a few more details.
I mean, they showed their skill in Barnstorming, so why not use that level of care here?

This shouldn’t stop you from playing Chopper Command tho.
The game is still challenging but fair, with great responsive controls and lots of action.
A must-have!
Play it!


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