Atari 2600 – Coconuts

Coconut throwing monkeys in space!

So here is Telesys who probably thought:
Kaboom! was such a hit, let’s make a similar game but way simple and somehow uglier.”
I could stop right here because I just gave you all the information you need, but I’m not that lazy. Yet.

You play as a an explorer with a blue umbrella who moves between two palm trees that are inhabited by a vicious monkey who throws coconuts at you.
He starts out very slow but gets faster every round until it’s only a matter of sheer luck if you get hit or not.
On the first hit you lose your umbrella, then your hat and after that you die.
It’s a nice idea and departure from simply starting over.
Every 500 points you get a piece of equipment back but that will only happen once or twice. Trust me.
I should also mention that the monkey looks like he’s jerking off while preparing for his next wave of attacks.

The game features big sprites and the characters are surprisingly detailed but it all gets dragged down by that ugly, black background.
Make the ground green and the sky blue and you’re good.
Looking at this void for a long time is just depressing.

There’s a two player mode which, by the way,  is the only game variation available, but (like so often) it’s just taking turns.
Aaaaannnddd that’s all I have to say about it.

It’s too simple, bland and you’re just better off playing Kaboom!.
Maybe get it for your little kid if he/she is somehow into retro gaming.
Skip it!



“Hello darkness my old friend…”

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