Atari 2600 – Communist Mutants From Space

Do you really need a tagline for this?

This shooter was created by Arcadia Corporation who quickly changed their name to Starpath Corporation shortly after the release.
I tell you this because they also released a peripheral called “Starpath Supercharger”.
This handy, little gadget was installed like a regular cartridge and could connect to cassette tape recorders.
These madmen actually released their games on cassette, which allowed for better graphics, smoother gameplay and even demo versions for their other games.
A neat idea and definitely something I have to look out for.

Let’s focus on CMFS for now.
The story is completely bananas:

Aliens from the communist planet of Rooskee are invading peaceful, democratic planets and turning their inhabitants into “Communist Mutants.” The communist mutant armies are controlled by the Mother Creature, a strange alien who has gone mad due to irradiated vodka.

I know what you’re thinking and I totally agree:
“That sounds freakin’ awesome!”

Even the gameplay feels refreshing.
You control a small spacecraft at the bottom of the screen (you can only move left and right) and try to kill a weird-looking alien in front of you.
Now, this gal is protected by a shield that is made out of many bricks.
Every time you destroy a piece, she will repair it so never, ever let go of the fire button.
To make things worse, destroyed bricks will turn into little aliens that instantly attack you.
And once the Mother Creature is dead, the rest of the shield will turn into those little suckers way faster.
It’s tough but always fair.
After every wave, you earn an extra life.
I like that, as it allows a novice like me to last longer, but some people could argue that it make the game too easy.

Now guess what?
How about changing the difficulty settings.
The hardest setting (9) is no joke. I survived for about ten seconds.
Luckily, there is more.
You can add a shield to your ship, time warp (slows down enemies), penetrating bullets and guided bullets (bullets move in the direction of your choice).
The captain’s name is Payne, Max Payne.
Oh, and there is a multiplayer option for up to four players. Yay!

The graphics aren’t as impressive as advertised (like not impressive at all) and there is not much variation (it’s basically the same game over and over), but the many options and the slick and fast gameplay surely hit a spot.
I’ll be coming back to this one a lot!
Play it!




2 thoughts on “Atari 2600 – Communist Mutants From Space

    1. It’s really weird.
      Like some dudes got sh*tfaced drunk, thought about the dumbest story for a video game and somehow managed to make it great.
      Can’t wait to see their other output.

      Liked by 1 person

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