Atari 2600 – Cosmic Creeps

Another fabulous band name.

This action game was developed by Telesys.
Never heard of them?
No wonder.
They only released six games that weren’t especially popular and they were cut short by the video game crash in 1983.
So if you’re into rare, mediocre games, give them a shot.

The story:

Civilization is doomed! You are our last hope! You must protect the Cosmic Kids from the Cosmic Creeps as they escape the orbit-decaying planet!

Makes sense, right? Well, I assure you it doesn’t matter.

Gameplay is divided into two parts.
You start by escaping the decaying planet.
Dodge laser beams and rocks and step into your spaceship.
This part is so short and ridiculously easy that I wonder why they even put it in the game. I read somebody comparing it to Frogger and I agree.
It’s like Frogger…for newborns.
After that, the real game starts.
The Cosmic Kids will emerge from the planet and run towards your ship.
Yes, thanks to the miracles of video games, they are literally running through space.
They are chased by the Space Creeps.
Shoot the creeps with your ship’s laser to keep the kids safe. You have to time your shots well or you accidently kill the kids.
If a creep gets to your ship or the planet decays into orbit before you reach 5000 points, the game is over.
If you succeed you start all over, but with faster enemies.

And that’s it.
Graphics are nice with big detailed sprites and you get some nice sound effects when shooting the laser. *bwooossshhh*
I also like that the game demands a quick way of playing or you run out of time. Keeps you on your toes.
But without any sort of different game types or multiplayer modes, I grew tired of it rather quickly.
Still an overall solid game and worth a look if you’re into outlandish Atari games.
Try it!




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