Atari 2600 – Crazy Climber

Day or night, day or night…make up your minds people!

Crazy Climber is the port of a very popular Japanese arcade game.
So why have I never heard about it?
Well, Atari thought it would be a good idea to offer it only to their Atari Club members.
No wonder that you have to pay up to 500 bucks for a copy in good condition today.
Spoiler: not really worth it.

Gameplay is fairly simple.
Try to make it to the top of a tower.
Keep an eye out for closing windows, people throwing bricks and of course King Kong.
Once you’ve reached the top a helicopter will pick you up and you move on to the next tower.
If you fall to your death you will obviously lose a life but you start over at the same exact spot. Thanks.
Controls are a bit special.
You have to move the stick back and forth, kinda mimicking a climbing motion.
It’s a neat idea but it’s also exhausting after a while.

Graphics are alright with big sprites and fluid animations, but having a dark blue tower and black windows was a bad choice.
I really had to squint my eyes in order the see if a window is open or closed.
The second, red tower is far more pleasing.
There are four towers in total, which you can choose right from the start, but they play pretty much the same.
And that, like so often, is my biggest problem.
Crazy Climber is exciting for a short time but gets old quickly.

If you decide to purchase it because you have way too much money I’d recommend putting it on a shelf instead of putting it in your Atari.




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