Atari 2600 – Deadly Duck


The unknown war…
You enjoy shooting games like Space Invaders but wish they were more realistic?
Boy, do I have the game for you!
Introducing Deadly Duck by highspeed-developers Sirius Software.

Angry crabs start attacking your pond and it is your duty to defend your land by blasting them with your laser weapon.
Yeah, I used the word ‘realistic’ ironically.
Every round starts with eight crabs who fly(!) across the screen and drop bricks(!!).
If you get hit by a brick you die and if you avoid them they stay on the water for a few seconds, cutting off part of the pond.
It’s better to shoot the bricks as you also get a few extra points.
With the start of the second wave, a new enemy is introduced.
They don’t harm you but they fly from left to right and block your shots. They multiply for a few rounds until there are six of those f*ckers blocking half of the screen.

And like I say so often: that’s pretty much it.
I like the medium difficulty (you get an extra life after every successful round) because I actually enjoy surviving for more than fifteen minutes, but without different gameplay variants or a multiplayer mode, I surely won’t return.
It’s also ugly and enemy behavior is highly erratic.
Crabs move like they’re high on cocaine or something.
Wanna know the best tactic for this game?
Close your eyes, spam the fire button, press left for two seconds followed by the right for two seconds and repeat until you hear a jingle. Voila!
Skip it!




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