Atari 2600 – Demolition Herby

Oh yeah, I always wanted to play a dude with cross eyes and aviator goggles.

Another game by short-lived developer Telesys (Cosmic Creeps) and this game is also very rare and expensive.
Worth it this time?

The game is another one of those line-coloring games which somehow always remind me of Tron.
You control Herby who has to drive around rectangles, painting the lines red in the process. Once completed, the rectangle turns black and you move on to the next one.
Be careful tho!
There are other cars on the grid who do their best to smash into you.
They also erase your painted lines. What a bunch of a**holes!
Get wrecked too often or run out of gas and its game over.
If you manage to paint the whole map black you move on to the next stage with faster and more aggressive enemies.

Demolition Herby’s controls felt pretty stiff.
I had to choose a direction in advance or I would keep on driving straight for all eternity. Takes a bit of time to get used to.
Graphics are ugly and I have no idea why they used blue scanlines to fill the rectangles.
How about some houses or trees? Feels lazy.
I do like that the game rewards some tactic.
Like completing two squares at once for bonus points and choosing the most effective route.
I also appreciate the different difficulty settings. ‘Easy’ is actually easy and not just ‘hard’ in disguise.
There is supposedly a two player mode where the other player controls the enemy cars. Sounds great, but I wasn’t able to try it out.
Yes, the one time I’m not complaining about the multiplayer mode and I can’t even check it out. FML.

You can have a few enjoyable rounds with Destruction Herby but it gets old really fast as every map looks and plays exactly the same.
I’d say: Try it!





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